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AB 108: Are You Ready To Be On A Corporate Board Of Directors?

March 09, 2017

Why would someone want to serve on a corporate board of directors? How does one get a seat at the table? What are some commitments it takes to be on a board of directors? What kinds of companies look for board members?

Jill Griffin, a board seat strategist, dives into these questions and more with Jeffrey on All Business this week. Hailing from a tiny North Carolina town, Griffin never imagined she could be on a board of directors – yet here she sits at the table. Jill’s mission is to pull back the corporate curtain on the board selection process – and help you determine if you are board ready. The two discuss how to overcome “those voices” that make people sell themselves short, steps you can take to earn your seat, and the risks that go along with being a member of a corporate board.

  • Lessons Learned:
    • Networking is a huge part – fish where the fish are
    • You’ve got to take some risks, build up your brand, and then leverage that.
    • What someone learns in one year of board meetings is the equivalent to an MBA
    • Are you ready to be on a board? Take Jill’s quiz now!

    • http://jillgriffin.net/resources/audit-tool/
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