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AB 111:: One Wild Idea Led To Acres Of Buffalo

March 30, 2017

Dan O’Brien is the owner of The Cheyenne River Ranch and he has been a wildlife biologist and rancher for more than 30 years and as a writer is one of the most powerful literary voices on the great plains. In 1997 he founded Wild Idea Buffalo in an effort to retain the great plains ecosystem by returning buffalo back to the native homeland and he is now positively impacting over 150,000 acres of land. Today hear about the importance of the great plains and why you should be eating buffalo.


  • Dan is running an internet business at 69
    • Stayin’ busy keeps him young!
  • Dan’s background is a biology
    • He got interested in the loss of species diversity


Wild Ideas

  • A majority of the profit he makes goes back into restoration of grasslands
  • Dan runs about 400 buffalo on his ranch!
  • Anybody who eats meat should go to a slaughter plant and see whether they agree with the process
    • With Wild Idea Buffalo, the buffalo are slaughtered at the ranch where they feel comfortable
  • 25 acres per buffalo is Dan’s guideline
    • It’s all about grass
  • With cattle, it’s all about hormones and getting them to grow faster
    • Cattle also tend to overgraze, a lot


Closing Lines

  • The best thing for Dan in this venture is the response of the people
    • People understand and care!


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