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AB 029: Prime Time Tennis As USTA’s top Exec Gordon Smith Volleys With Jeffrey Hayzlett And Talks Up The US Open

August 27, 2015

One of the world’s biggest sports on the eve of its biggest event…time for tennis at the US Open. Hayzlett volleys with the United States Tennis Association Exec. Director Gordon Smith who talks about the global growth of the sport, how the US men are about to make headlines and how Serena Williams is rewriting the history books as she goes for a calendar Grand Slam. The ex-college tennis star shows how the USTA is planning for success with its overhaul of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center complete with retractable roof over the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center and the launch of the USTA National Tennis Campus in Orlando, Florida. He underscores that tennis is a game for life and tells the new ways the USTA is taking the game to new audiences.

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