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AB 107: How To Design A Team That Doesn’t Need To Be Told What To Do

March 02, 2017

How do you go from worst to first? What do you need to do to empower your team to assure they are functioning at maximum efficiency? What is the best way to identify leaders within your organization? Jeffrey is joined by

Jeffrey is joined by former nuclear submarine commander and best-selling author of “Turn the Ship Around!: A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders”, Captain David Marquet, to discuss and dissect his success with the USS Santa Fe – which prior to Captain Marquet taking over, was ranked last in retention and operational standing. On day one, Captain Marquet realized that the traditional leadership approach of “take control/give orders” wasn’t going to work – so he turned his ship around by designing a team that didn’t need to be told what to do.

His changes brought the Santa Fe to the top in retention and operational standards in the Navy and 10 of his officers went on to command their own submarines (an unprecedented achievement by all measurements).

Lessons learned:

• Leaders can come from throughout the organization and have nothing to do with rank.
• When great leaders lean back – their team will lean in… just don’t lean too far back or you will tip your rocking chair.
• Leaders trust first.
• Instead of requests like “I’d like to” or “Requesting permission” – great leaders hear “I intend to ____, here is why”

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