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AB 098: Cheers To Business In The New Year… A Look Back At 2016 And The Year Ahead With Sharon Miller

January 05, 2017

As the year comes to an end, Jeffrey sits down with Sharon Miller the Head of Small Business at Bank of America to look back at business in 2016 and what we should expect heading into the New Year. Miller and her team are responsible for delivering business and personal financial solutions to the company’s 3 million small business owners and entrepreneurs. Jeffrey and Sharon wrap up the year with a discussion on all things small business to help prepare you for a prosperous 2017. Happy New Year! Lessons Learned:

• Make sure you have a business plan that can be adapted over time
• Healthcare is the number one concern of small businesses across the country
• All businesses have a lifecycle, make sure you have a succession plan
• Its important to broaden your community of advisors to include people other than friends and family

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