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AB 083: The Bug Bars…Pat Crowley Says Eat Crickets

September 16, 2016

From surf guide to whitewater rafting guide, to hydrologist, to now insect-eating entrepreneur, Pat Crowley has always been driven by his passion to ensure a more sustainable water future. After a year of hitchhiking through Mexico and Central America, Pat Crowley returned to the US and received a M.S. in Watershed Hydrology, intending to use his education towards solving global water dilemmas he witnessed in his travels. His concern for our water future here at home increased as he observed the disproportionate rate of water consumption vs. availability. After some time working in public water planning agencies Pat decided to address the issue on a consumer level and co-founded Chapul, LLC in 2012. Today, Chapul is the maker of the award-winning Original Cricket Bar and a successful graduate of the TV show, Shark Tank. He joins us today to discuss the importance of sustainable business.

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