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AB 123: How Much Is Lost Time Worth? We’re Talking With Magpie About Tips For A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

June 22, 2017

Magpie launched 31st May on Kickstarter.

The project highlights how much time, stress and money we spend trying to keep track of our cherished items and family.

The aim is to rid the world of the anxiety & costs of ‘losing things’ with magpie, a new, unlimited-range GPS mobile tracking service – offered as a monthly $5 subscription (the device is free!), making the business of tracking things (+ people & pets) more affordable and accessible to anyone within range of a mobile network.

Who’s involved?: 3 Co-founders 

Raul Oaida, who is best known for building an air-powered car made out of 500K-plus Lego bricks when he was 18. 

Calum Handley, pioneered branded mobile applications (even before the iPhone) for over a decade for some of the worlds biggest brands and is now based in Thailand helping the South East Asian startups ecosystem. 

Derek Handley, (brother of Calum) a social entrepreneur who recently launched venture capital network Aera VC aimed at investing in startups trying to tackle social problems.


Why does it matter?

Because losing things is big business: the average person misplaces up to nine objects per day, which means 200,000 misplaced items by age 60!* We all spend an average of 15 minutes per day looking for lost items.**

With Magpie – its 3 founders are aiming to make the stress of ‘losing things’ a problem of the past, offering peace-of-mind to everyday people around the world – those who want to avoid losing their keys, jackets, bags etc – and/or may be concerned about the whereabouts of their young people or pets.


What makes magpie different?:

It’s low-cost pricing/Service model: monthly $5 subscription vs charging for the device

It’s unlimited tracking range – uses cellular network (Bluetooth trackers has limited range and don’t practically solve the problem when items are truly lost)

Its sleek, waterproof design, unlimited range, and rechargeable, long-lasting battery, combined with the intuitive functionality of its companion app, makes the magpie service the most attractive and affordable tracking option available. It’s also one of the smallest and smartest GPS tracking devices on the market.

Its founders are setting an ambitious goal of moving the stress of ‘losing things’ to a problem of the past, offering peace-of-mind to anyone within range of a mobile network.

How has is Kickstarter launch going?

In 7 days we’ve raised $100,000+ USD with 2000+ backers from around the world.

We have been featured in Business Insider, Tech Insider, National Business Review New Zealand, The New Zealand Herald, among others. This episode is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts and Liberty Tax.

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