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AB 115: It’s Not Keep It Simple Stupid… It’s Keep It Simple For Success

April 27, 2017

Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of NBA’s Orlando Magic joins me on All Business today to talk about success – and how to know if you have the right talent to follow your passion.

What is the secret to success in life? How do you determine if you really don’t have the talent to follow your passion? Pat has authored over 100 books, led 23 teams to the NBA playoffs, and 5 to the finals.

Here are a few more things to know about Pat:

  • Began a career as a minor league baseball player but has been with the NBA for almost 50 years.
  • Born in Philadelphia – 1940
  • Bachelor’s in Physical Education from Wake Forest, Master’s of Science in Physical Education from Indiana U, Doctorate in Humane Letters from Flagler College
  • Served 7 years in US Army
  • 19 Children- 5 biological and 14 adopted (from 4 nations)
  • Author of 100 books
  • Latest is The Success Intersection


What I learned- Wisdom. Take the time to ask others for help, it’s not weak, it’s just smart to learn from what others have already done.



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