EP 51-100,

AB 088: Your Company Isn’t As Unique As You Think… That’s A Good Thing

October 20, 2016

Talent is your company’s biggest asset. HR goliath, Oracle, has applied some unique tactics to attract, recruit, and retain the best in class people to achieve their business goals. Oracle’s VP of Development of Human Capital Management (HCM), Chris Leone, joins All Business and elaborates on how they became #1 in nearly every category in their industry by focusing on one thing – people first.

Lessons Include:

•   HR transformation should be at the top of every executive’s agenda – not the bottom.

•   Talent = Human Capital

•   Bigger isn’t always better – small to midsized businesses are ideal for digital transformation to the cloud.

•   What’s the key to HR success for both employees and companies? Predictive behavior.

•   Digital Native vs. Digital Migrant – what’s the importance of taking millennials and baby boomers out of the conversation?

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